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VELOPLUS was born from the bet of the founders who, coming from the world of professional cycling, have tried for years on their own skin the garments made by the leaders of the sector and have decided to throw them a small challenge.

custom clothing for cyclists

Veloplus creates different lines of customized clothing for cyclists that differ in wearability fabrics and features.

The production of these different lines allows us to satisfy all the different needs starting from the small group of amateurs to the team of professionals.

Each garment is designed and developed by our graphic designers and produced in the company.

The great passion for cycling unites and distinguishes all the Veloplus staff.

our lines

comfort line

entry level 
It is a comfortable and soft line
suitable for those looking for
a more comfortable fit.

abbigliamento personalizzato linea comfort realizzato da veloplus

prof line

medium level
It is a line with a slim fit,
however suitable for most body types.

abbigliamento personalizzato per ciclismo linea prof realizzato da veloplus

giro line

hight level 
It is a line inspired by the world of competition.

who wears Veloplus

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