The materials used to produce garments suitable for cycling and triathlon must have specific technical characteristics, which vary according to use and weather conditions: breathability, ability to maintain body heat, impermeability to rain and wind, softness, lightness, elasticity …
All the raw materials selected by us have been subjected to severe heat transfer tests and prolonged use by bicycle.

Tutte le materie prime da noi selezionate sono state sottoposte a severi test di termo trasferimento e prolungato uso in bicicletta.


Lightweight fabric, not subject to any type of irritation, indeed its hydrophobic nature makes it suitable for expelling water; does not retain sweat and leaves the skin dry. The holes allow air to penetrate giving the maximum possible refreshment, a fundamental feature on summer days. Guaranteed softness and breathability.

Micro Pallino

“Double jersey” fabric, fineness 28, dot structure, 100% polyester/polyester multifilament gr. 130 mq. Thanks to special finishing treatments and combination of yarns, this fabric is characterized by high breathability, quick-drying, soft and comfort hand.


Double construction jacquard. The wave effect improves transpiration. Excellent coverage with light weight.

Think 505

Think 505 is an extremely breathable 44 gauge elastic perforated fabric. The monoelasticity allows the pockets to be sewn on the back of the jersey, always maintaining a perfect fit and avoiding the annoying knocked out effect. Fabric made using special textile machines in gauge 44 in order to obtain a silky and fresh hand. The percentage of elastomer allows to study a very tight fit.

Think 20387

Think 20387 is a fabric that is gauzed on the inside, but light to the touch. This lightness does not affect the sensation of warmth that the athlete perceives during physical activity, on the contrary, thanks to the density of the weave, it allows for a technical and performing winter jersey.

Tre Valli Zerowind

ZeroWind® belongs to the group of hydrophilic membrane. The closed molecular structure of ZeroWind® ensures a 100% protection against the wind and creates a comfortable efficient shield. The ZeroWind® dynamic transpiration power decreases when the activity is lower: thus creating a balanced micro climate which avoide the dispersion of the body heat.

ZeroWind® ensures excellent protection against rain. The high sweat absorption power and its capability to bring it outside enable to maintain the body dry enhancing the athlete’s performance. Maximum protection, extraordinary fit, comfort and durability.

Ivory Plus 85

Oleophobic fabric; it repels water with a pearly effect, keeping the fabric as dry as possible. It has excellent insulation qualities. It maintains the correct body microclimate even at the coldest temperatures.

Misurina Light Bianco Stampa

Lightweight windproof, waterproof and water-repellent fabric that protects and keeps the heat at the same time. The inside, entirely made of highly hydrophilic microfibre, help to disperse the sweat that is absorbed faster. It adapts and shapes perfectly to the body. It assures maximum breathability and a high capacity of heat insulation. Available in either black and white (printable).


Technically Lycra belongs to the category of synthetic elastam (elastic) fibres, a segmented polyurethane ie. it is composed of a flexible sequence of segments joined to rigid segments. It allows the construction of garments with excellent characteristics of comfort, lightness, breathability and elasticity. Garments in this material have a streamlined look, adhere to the body without interfering with movement. Lycra can be stretched from four to seven times its normal length, but immediately returns to its shape as soon as the stretching is relaxed.

Super Roubaix

Very soft microfiber, with high technical-tactile characteristics. The appearance is opaque, the inner part is plush with high wear resistance characteristics. The sophisticated processing cycle and the use of special fibers give it an extremely pleasant hand, incomparable qualities of comfort and durability. The garments produced in Super Roubaix are extremely elastic and keep the body warm. Ideal for lower temperatures.