Each garment is conceived and developed by our team of designers, united by a great passion for cycling, and for sport in general. Veloplus is a reality based on familiarity but which at the same time invests heavily in the research and development of materials to ensure that each product is designed to offer the best performance for each customer segment. This allows us to produce high quality products and enables us to develop innovative products quickly and efficiently. All here, handmade in Italy.

Why choose Veloplus?

Human relationship: Veloplus is not just a company, it is a large family that prefers to work closely with their customers by offering their experience and advising them to create something original together. And be present even in small reorders.

Search for products: Veloplus always cutting-edge. Our goal is to make sure that each Veloplus product guarantees maximum performance on the saddle, must have an excellent fit, so that the cyclist does not even notice that he is wearing it. Our goal is to create garments that fit like a “second skin”.

Product quality: Veloplus garments are made in Italy, with carefully selected materials. Each garment is subjected to rigorous quality controls and is designed to maintain its characteristics over time, wash after wash. Durability over time.

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