A new weekend of races for Team corratec that is gonna split between Italy and Croatia looking for new important results to give continuity to the excellent start of the season with the team of Serge Parsani that has already achieved two wins and four podiums.

One half of the team will race in Veneto at Memorial Polese where the Sports Director Marco Zamparella has confirmed five riders from Trofeo Laigueglia where our top finisher was Marco Murgano who offered a good performance in a very competitive scenario.

Together with the rider from Liguria we will see at the start also Matteo Amella, Davide Baldaccini, Lorenzo Iacchi, Jan Stöckli and Luca Marziale.

No changes in the line up of the Sports Director Francesco Frassi that on sunday at Trofej Porec will count on the same four riders that we have seen at Trofej Umag.

All eyes on Dusan Rajovic, who reached the podium in 2018 and who was 3rd in Umag, joined by Giulio Masotto, Veljko Stojnic and Manuel Zobrist.