Who we are

Veloplus Veloplus was born in 2007 from the entrepreneurial ability of Paola and the great passion of Maurizio who, coming from the world of cycling, decided to launch a challenge by offering athletes truly innovative clothing.
In a short time they won the bet by burning all the stages !!!

Over the years, the sons Matteo, Alice and Erika have joined the company and together with the staff have allowed Veloplus to become a leading company in the production of costumized cycling clothing distributed in Italy and abroad.

The Veloplus philosophy is based on the continuous improvement of the products and services offered.

Thanks to attention to customer feedback and constant investment in research and development, Veloplus is able to improve every day, anticipating innovations and trends.

Costumized cycling clothing is made using high-tech technologies:

  • Automatic digital cutting of fabrics to ensure extreme precision in cutting
  • Digital plotters which, thanks to their innovative features and the use of quality inks, allow for high print quality
  • Thermal transfer systems (i.e. the printing of the image on the fabric) among the most modern to obtain a design with perfect definition.

The Veloplus team personally follows the quality of the product, from graphic design to final packaging. The result is the outcome of a continuous dialogue between VeloPlus and the customer.

The relationship of mutual trust on which Veloplus bases the relationship with its teams allows flexibility in key aspects such as the timing of deliveries and other factors that are crucial for the life and activity of the team.

The raw materials and the entire production chain is MADE IN ITALY, an important aspect of the Veloplus philosophy as it affects the quality of the product and consequently its performance over tim

For many years at Veloplus we have been producing customized clothing for the world of cycling.
Based on this experience, our latest challenge is to create a line with our brand!
All clothing items are made in Italy with the best materials and are characterized by our logo which comes from the fusion of the words Velo Plus, which have always been synonymous in the company with originality, energy and growth in the world of cycling.

You can buy all the items on the site easily online.

The lines are handled personally by our internal staff and we are sure that the new brand will not disappoint your expectations!